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We are geared up to truly help people of all ages with their fitness goals.


What Are Your Fitness Goals?

To Be Healthy?

Weight Loss?

Increase Mobility?

Succeeding in Your Sport?

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Personal Training Studio

Weight Loss

At Personal Training Studio, we treat weight loss goals very seriously. It is the foundation our company was built upon. At PTS, we create a comfortable and private exercise atmosphere. Our personal trainers design your workouts to specifically target weight loss and work with you through every step in becoming fit and healthy. Our personal trainers will help you in every way possible to reach your goals.

Personal Training Studio

For All Ages

At Personal Training Studio, we offer training for all ages-men and women-no matter your physical condition. It is never too late to get in shape. We help the old and young alike to become the best YOU that you can be. Our personal trainers are qualified to train any person no matter the age and to modify any exercises if necessary to make them age or condition appropriate.

Personal Training Studio

REAL One on One Training

Personal Training Studio in Cookeville, TN, is truly a one-on-one training facility that will always help you advance toward your fitness goals. Other “personal training” centers will only help clients so much, often writing out the workouts but not actually helping the clients perform the movements themselves. At PTS, we are walking alongside you through your entire workout. We guide you through each step…from loading bumper plates, to setting the treadmill, to counting reps.

Personal Training Studio

Succeeding in your sport

No matter what sport you play or how good you play it, there is always room to improve. Personal Training Studio is a great place to perfect your sport. This can include working on a specific muscle movement unique to your sport or simply learning to maximize overall cardio capacity and endurance. We help in any way necessary to make you a more fit athlete to better prepare you to hit the field, court, track, etc.

Personal Training Studio

What are your fitness goals?

Whatever your fitness goals are, Personal Training Studio cares about them and helping you reach them. Having a personal trainer provides accountability and helps you accomplish your goals faster, more efficiently, and without injury. That’s why we supply you with the best service, training, and weight loss advice around.

Personal Training Studio

Increase Mobility

At Personal Training Studio, our trainers are experienced at helping you improve mobility in your joints which may have declined due to injury, illness, or surgery. They are able to take you through stretching and weight-bearing exercises which gradually, but often dramatically, improve movement, thereby improving quality of life.